Spencer Keystone LLC
Executive Recruitment Solutions for the Consumer Product Industry 

Spencer Keystone LLC provides "Best-in Class" candidates to meet each of our partner client's needs.

The majority of today's senior business leaders have the same key concern for the success of their organization...that is finding and retaining key talent, also known as "intellectual capital."  The success of all organizations depends on talented people.  Spencer Keystone LLC recognizes this and
provides talented resources to address your executive recruitment needs.

Our Search Process:

  1. Client Needs Analysis and Culture Assessment
  2. Client Position Requirements
  3. Research - search strategy implemented via in-house database, networking and ouside focused research
  4. Candidate Idenitification - candidates are intensively screened to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate with the job and culture of our partner clients.  Past experience is a great indicator of a candidate's future success.
  5. Candidate Evaluation and Qualifications Research
  6. Candidate Presentation to Partner Client 
  7. Facilitate Interviews
  8. Negotiation - Act as a liason with the partner client and selected candidate to bring the search process to a successful closure
  9. Follow-Up - with our partner client as well as the employee.  Complimentary Communication/Retention Program implemented with successfully placed candidates.

Throughout the search and hiring process, Spencer Keystone LLC will actively communciate with our partner clients.

Our main objective is to provide our partner clients with successful, long-term employees that can do the job they were hired for...employees who also have the ability to advance into future positions of greater responsibility within the same organization.

The success of our partner clients and the candidates we place is critical to our success as well.

Spencer Keystone LLC
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